When I was about ten years old I started beating on things around the house using the wooden sticks from my mom's coat hangers. I spent much of my youth drawing, making up drum beats and also working on a formula for invisibility. I wasn't so successful with my formula but fortunately, the drumming thing worked out. If anyone has that invisibility recipe, don't hesitate to email it to me, I'm still interested.

Drumming for Celtic rock band Tempest fulfills my childhood dreams of traveling and playing drums in front of an audience. A few years ago I started writing original songs thus discovering a whole new creative outlet. Singing my songs while playing my acoustic guitar in my band goes well beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of.

Stop by the music page and listen to some of our recordings and if you like, sign the email list on the contact page. I'll be sure to keep you posted about band news and any upcoming shows.

All the best,

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