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by Ron Trembath
3 December 2009

The quick and spirited ditties like those on Adolfo Lazoís sophomore solo release On Tape will keep this globe spinniní. World-folk with a great sense of humor is one form of self expression with the possibility of stirring up the heart, body, and the ever-illusive soul. This is an album from an artist who only takes himself just serious enough to garner a bit of respect. Other than that, he comes off as a fun-loving musical vagabond lost on the highway of indie rock.

The wonderful but misguiding opening cut Rey de Espana sounds like a Carlos Santana b-side. You know Ė the tracks that are too good to be soiled with artists like Rob Thomas or Wyclef Jean. Itís a simple and happy Spanish-sung melody. And the tempo dropping cut 100 Times is a metaphorical snap in the thigh with a wet towel. Tracks like Rice Rockets (an ode to those annoying street-racing cars) and Time To Go bring forth the everlasting goodie bag of delight.

Adolfo Lazo is a spiritual artist. His passion for new wave folk is clearly evident with this release. On Tape battles through pop and ambiance to come out entirely fresh and handsome in the end. Here is an album that emulates success. There is a massive career awaiting Adolfo; he just has to hunt it down just as efficiently as he throws together a passionate melody. Even the sky wonít be the limit for this gentleman.

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