JerseyBeat  - music fanzine
by Phil Rainone

First of all, Adolfo gets a gazillion points for what could be Album Design of the Year! On Tape is designed like, well, a tape box! The old Scotch Tape reel-to-reel tape box (I still have my, what seems like 50 pound reel-to-reel tape player. The original party starter. I could get 4 hours of music on the beast).

As for the music, it’s a mix of hooky celebratory Latin rock, ska, and country, and they combine genres possibly better than anyone else. Adolfo’s internationalist fusion is one of the freshest new sounds of the year. Add to his vision and smarts an amiable female singing partner on “Red and Yellow,” and a band that rises to the occasion time and time again, and you have one of the most formidable bands around. Add to that the mojo of The Smithereens, Social Distortion, and Joe Jackson on tunes like 100 Times, and 365, and you have a Top Ten album of the year!

The album’s uniqueness and danceability, along with Adolfo’s occasionally risqué wordplay, like on Two Minute Love, are enough to suggest the band's seemingly limitless potential.

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