by Jimmy Rae
30 December 2008

Lazo takes a break from being a drummer for Celtic Rock powerhouse Tempest, to come out with his second solo record, On Tape. Always an exciting time when an artist wants to bust out into the solo scene and the anticipation Iím sure is intense. Canít even imagine how it all feels inside; a blend of emotions from extreme excitement to utter fear perhaps.

When I pushed play on Lazoís solo project, the first thing I heard right away was a Latin rock vibe. The sound was very hip and lively and I was thinking that this record was going to be one huge Latin Explosion party. Havenít listened to a good Latin Rock album in awhile, so I was definitely down with that. That whole idea of donít judge a book by its cover had major implications here, but except with a different twist to the saying. That is: Donít judge an album by its first song, in which I did in this case unfortunately.

I was completely taken back by what proceeded after song 1, Rey de EspaŮa, but in a surprisingly good way. Next song follows with a country-western groove and a laid-back sound that didnít sound anything like Latin Rock. Wow, what a 360 degree turnaround here Followed next is a number called Morgan and off-base once again with a slowed-down beat and folk-like sound. And lyrics that Iím still trying to wrap my finger around: ďDid your head come with your body? It doesnít look like it to meĒÖ.mind boggling??

On Tape also offers a short instrumental, country-rock riffs, dance grooves and even a Greek-inspired style all to the tune of fast and not so fast beats. The diversity that Lazo offers on this solo record is nothing short of impressive. To mesh together so many different styles of music onto one piece of work is not an easy feat, Iím sure. And to be able to record all of it successfully is a major feat, so job well done Adolfo Lazo with On Tape. If youíre in the mood for something different and original, then you owe it to yourself to take a listen. Or, in better words if you like a little bit of this and a little bit of that, then youíll more than likely enjoy what Lazo has done here.

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