by James
11 December 2008

Rey de EspanaĒ has a throaty, bass introduction to On Tape that showcases the ability of Lazo to create a dense track that will open up to reveal something new each time that listeners place On Tape in their players. The driven, bouncy beat of Leti meshes well with the long, strung-out approach given the track by the guitars. With the vocals adding the final piece to the puzzle, what results during Leti is a track that will forever stand as one of Lazoís best. Morgan has a deliberate, grave approach that further highlights the Elvis Costello-influenced vocals of Lazo. The dark/light dichotomy of the instrumentation and the vocals here makes for a striking track, and gives listeners the momentum they need to continue with On Tape.

This is great, since Two Minute Love is simply stellar: the inclusion of a more spontaneous, jazz-infused style to On Tape introduces a random element to the disc that virtually ensures that listeners will not know what is to come from Lazo. Thus, when a track like Cual es tu Carrera begins, listeners have to pay attention. Cual es tu Carrera is a Latin-fueled track that touches upon as much Tito Puente as it does Santana, all while Lazo gives the song his own special touch.

The spirit and soul that Lazo places into On Tape does not diminish in the slightest with the discís later tracks: where a number of bands seem to sputter out in their later cuts, Lazo ends On Tape with a bang, as both Borracho and Time To Go represent two of the discís best tracks. This is due to the fact that Borracho is one of the few tracks that allows Lazoís vocals to shine as brightly as the instrumentation that is present. While I have little in the way of an idea to what Lazo is saying, each word is pronounced with such soul that I am emotionally affected. The album ends with the appropriately-named Time To Go, which brings a live component that should light a fire under any listener to find out when Lazo is playing live and attend. The overall sound of the track, uniting country and alternative rock, is just the icing on the cake. Pick up On Tape and see exactly what I mean.

Top Tracks: Outta Vegas, Red and Yellow
Rating: 8.3/10

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